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A Return to Peru

Machu Picchu 2009

Be forewarned. Traveling is seriously addictive. Develop a case of wanderlust, and it is hard to ever feel totally satisfied. Case in point: we have an ever-evolving wish list of travel destinations that somehow seems to get longer the more we travel. And, with an endless supply of amazing new places to discover, it is a struggle for us when we visit a country and really love it. Will we ever find our way back again? Or, with so many new places to go, will we just have to be satisfied with one visit to a dream destination and move on? (more…)

Love Your Gear: MindShift’s Rotation 180 Professional Backpack

We at Take a Hike Photography try to combine our two greatest passions of hiking and photography every chance we get. Over the years, however, we’ve discovered that these two hobbies don’t always mix well in the field, especially if you are crazy serious enough about your photography to carry a DSLR camera with you on the trail like we are.


We never set out on a hike without our Canon 7D bodies, a selection of lenses, various filters and a tripod in our kit. Believe you me, the weight of the camera gear alone adds up in a hurry, and lugging it around mile after mile takes some serious dedication. (more…)