Tanzania: Ready, Set…Wait!

CollageIt’s amazing how all the excitement associated with starting a new travel adventure can be completely squashed by the airline industry. Whoever said “Getting there is half the fun” was definitely not talking about boarding commercial aircraft. Word to the wise: ALWAYS pack a spare set of underwear whenever you take a multi-stop international flight.  (more…)

How to Shoot Vacation Videos like a Pro (Almost…)

Disclaimer: The following post really has nothing to do with hiking, photography or the natural world, but its intent is to improve the quality of videos for future travels, so we hope you will allow us to indulge…


Do you ever find yourself innocently clicking on articles on the internet only to find yourself wondering what happened to the last eight hours of your life? Personally, I seem to fall down this rabbit hole more often than I care to admit, and this weekend I found myself victim to this bad habit once again. Here is what happened: (more…)