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Exploring Olympic National Park


For our last backpacking trip of the summer, we head west to Washington’s enchanting Olympic peninsula to spend a few days exploring the rain forests, beaches and high alpine scenery of Olympic National Park. We’re probably crazy for wanting to do any more hiking after all the miles we’ve put in already this summer, but this time we really have no choice in the matter. (more…)

Exploring the Natural Wonders of the Evergreen State

Iron Creek Falls, Mount St. Helens

For those of you needing¬†a quick brush up on your state trivia, the¬†nickname of Washington is the Evergreen State. While I am fairly confident¬†that the moniker was intended to honor¬†the abundant¬†amounts of evergreen trees found in the state’s natural areas, sometimes I’m not so sure.¬†Could it be that¬†the forefathers of that great state¬†had me in mind when the epithet was chosen?

You see, although I love spending time in Washington state, I have to admit that deep inside I am crazy jealous whenever I am there. Washington is a dream come true for any¬†nature-loving, photograph-taking, outdoor-seeking person, and¬†being there makes me¬†‚Äúever-green with envy.” Do Washingtonians realize how fortunate¬†they are to live in such a beautiful place? Is it really fair for one state to have so¬†much?