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Colorado Trail, Day 1: We Are Doing It!


The big day has finally arrived! After months of planning, preparing and training, and after hours of shopping, repackaging, staging and mailing our resupplies, it’s final time to start hiking. We have whittled down our lives to what fits in a roughly 40 pound backpack (with 6 days of food and adequate water). It’s time to live the simple life, so to speak, and get back to nature. The task for the next 42 days will be simply to walk, observe, photograph, write…and walk some more. (more…)

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Summer is upon us, and we are all set for another season full of fun adventures. As I write this, Matt is driving a group of high school students to an organic farm in the mountains of West Virginia for a service trip, and I am finishing tidying up our house for our summer renters who will be here in just a few hours. I still have one more week until school is out, so I am staying with one of our dear college friends for the next week. And then we are free!

So, where are we headed this year? (more…)