Month: June 2012

Touring the Remote Westfjords

Flatey Island: A Taste of the Simple Life

The houses in the village of Flatey

We said goodbye to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and boarded a ferry in Stykkishólmur for the Westfjords. As the ferry works its way through the Breidafjördur, it stops at tiny Flatey Island, where visitors can take a layover if they choose. We were on the afternoon ferry, so we decided to send our car along to the other side and stay on Flatey for the night. Part of the island’s charm is that it is only inhabited by five year-round residents, who just received cell phone coverage thisyear.   (more…)

Beginning Our Adventure in Iceland

Have Wheels Will Travel
We arrived in Reykjavík on June 17 after an overnight flight from JFK in New York. After clearing customs, we were met by a representative from the car rental company, SADCars, that we had booked online. In our research we discovered that this company was the most affordable in Iceland, and, when we saw our rental, we understood why.