Month: June 2018

Peaks of the Balkans, Day 8: Babino Polje to Plav

Peaks of the Balkans_Day 8_Title

Alison, July 2017
We requested to have breakfast at 7:30, so we wake up an hour before to repack our bags and get through the bathroom. There are ten of us staying in this cozy, little mountain home, and we are all sharing just this one bathroom, so we figure we should allow a little extra time to get our turn. Surprisingly, the bathroom is free, and we both make it through without losing any time.

Peaks of the Balkans, Day 7: Liqunat to Babino Polje

Peaks of the Balkans_Day 7_Title

Matt, 30 June 2017
Today’s hike revealed itself to us in three distinct segments that went from challenging to idyllic to frustrating, but all’s well that ends well. One’s perspective changes the moment you drop the pack for the last time, unlace the boots, peel off the socks and take a sip of cold Jelen, a beer new to us from Serbia by way of a Montenegro brewery. In addition, we are staying tonight at the luxurious and finely-appointed, by Balkan mountain standards, Triangle Wood House, run by Armand and Ardita, a young and friendly couple with an eye for style and a flare for novelty in the kitchen. But more about that later… (more…)

Peaks of the Balkans, Day 6: Reka e Allages to Drelaj

Peaks of the Balkans_Day 6_Title

Alison, June 2017
We wake up at 6, and I hobble out of the top bunk, throw on some clothes and go check on the laundry that we left outside last night. My intent is to move it into the sun for an hour or two while we pack up and eat breakfast, but I see that the sun has not crested the mountains yet. Uh oh, I think, wet clothes again! But everything is already more or less dry, except for our socks, which we can attach to the outside of our packs while we are hiking. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make your day!

Peaks of the Balkans, Day 5: Pejë Play Day

Peaks of the Balkans_Day 5_Title

Matt, 28 June 2017
We wake up “late” at 7:30 and take care of some internet business in the comfort of Villa Tygany before Marigona, our guide for the day, meets us to take us on a day tour of Pejë, a city of 125,000 inhabitants. We began by transferring our bags to a fancy hotel in the center of town where we have a big breakfast guaranteed to keep our growing hiker hunger at bay, at least for the next few hours while we explore the adventure capitol of Kosovo. 

Peaks of the Balkans, Day 4: Dobërdol to Bjeshka e Belegut

Peaks of the Balkans_Day 4_Title

Alison, June 2017
We wake up at 6 am in our little tree fort, and I go down the ladder to go to the bathroom and check on the laundry. Most of our clothes are still damp, so I leave them to dry for a little while longer and head on to the bathroom. The farm is surprisingly quiet, and the early morning light makes everything look extra serene. Can you imagine waking up to this view everyday?

Peaks of the Balkans, Day 2: Valbona to Çerem

Peaks of the Balkans_Day 2_Title

Matt, June 2017
Life could not be more peaceful in the quiet hamlet of Valbona. The sun is shining as we make our way out to the pinewood gazebo for breakfast. Kola, the owner of Guesthouse Kol Gjoni, is up and moving about tending to the guests. He has an imposing presence but smiles through his thick mustache. I sense an intense pride in the life he has built for himself here in the mountains.


Peaks of the Balkans, Day 1: Theth to Valbona

Peaks of the Balkans_Day 1_Title

Alison, June 2017
The quaint village church is only about 100 meters from our guesthouse in Theth, and we want to wake up early to photograph it in soft, early light before meeting for breakfast in the dining room at 7. But, when the alarm goes off at 5:45, we are too tired to even look out the window to see if we are missing a great shot. Two snooze tags later, we finally realize that we are going to be late if we do not get out of bed and get moving. (more…)

Albania, Here We Come!

Peaks of the Balkans_Intro_Title

Matt, June 2017
Slam, bang! It’s one trip to the next, and another classic Take a Hike Photography summer adventure is underway. I’ve been touring ancient sites in Greece and Rome for the last two weeks with 25 high school students. Alison just finished school two days ago, when she jumped on a plane and landed in Rome yesterday. I spent today hoofing it through the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica, while Alison made her way to the hotel from the airport to drop off her bags and get sorted.