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Chicago Is for the Bird(er)s!

Chicago for the Birders2

As nature photographers and hiking enthusiasts, we are often¬†bemoaning the fact that we live in Chicago. Now, don’t get us wrong. Chicago¬†is an amazing city with tons of fantastic cultural offerings at our fingertips. But as far as hiking and wildlife opportunities go, we’ve always found it to be lacking. With skyscrapers providing the only change of¬†elevation and pigeons being the predominant fauna, this urban setting is a little less than ideal¬†in the nature department.

Or so we thought…


Spring Tune Up in the Garden of the Gods


Stop the presses!¬†We know we just announced a series of posts on Iceland, but we accomplished two things this week that we’ve never done before:

  1. Alison did a headstand in yoga class! That might not seem like a big deal to some of you, but, believe you me, it was a long time in coming.
  2. We took a trip¬†in Illinois… our home state… somewhere¬†outside of Chicago!

Shocker, right?