Announcing Our Iceland Photography Exhibit!

We are excited to announce that Take a Hike Photography is exhibiting photographs from our 2012 trip to Iceland at the Aspen Drive Public Library in Vernon Hills. The show will run from now through Thanksgiving. Click here for directions and library hours.

We had a blast curating the exhibit, reliving the amazing summer we spent driving around that beautiful country. It had the added benefit of helping us think about the Iceland program that we will present to our camera club, the Riverwoods Nature Photographic Society, this February 17. (Mark your calendars now!) The club meets at Ryerson Woods Forest Preserve in Lake County. For more information, see the club website.

We know, as tempted as you might be, most of you won’t be able to make the trip out to the far northern suburbs of Chicago to see the show in person, so we thought we would bring a digital version of the exhibit to you.

Click on the photos to enlarge and view as a slideshow.

We were limited to a maximum of 24 prints, and it was a challenge to choose our favorites. We wanted to make sure that the images we picked represented everything that we loved about Iceland—its quirky architecture, charming villages, surreal landscapes, prolific birdlife, countless waterfalls and geothermal hotspots. We hope you enjoy this sample of all that Iceland has to offer.

Which image do you like best?

28 thoughts on “Announcing Our Iceland Photography Exhibit!

  1. They’re all beautiful!! The puffins are adorable, but if I had to choose, I was really struck by all the ice across the water and the pink in the sky from the low lying sun.

    1. That shot was taken at sunset, which was around 2 am in late July. It was freezing, and we kept running back into the car whenever we needed to warm up. It’s nice to know it was worth all the effort. Thanks!

    1. Well, hello there, little foxes! We hope all is well with you and everyone at the Arctic Fox Centre. We have such fond memories of the few days we spent there. Please tell Esther we have not forgotten that we owe her a video. We apologize for the delay, but we hope to have it to you soon. Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow–talk about travel inspiration! Whenever I do make it to Iceland, it better look exactly like this! The photo of the puffin and its snack is pretty amazing. What a fun moment to have caught!

    1. Iceland is amazing, so book your trip soon. You really can’t take a bad photograph there. It’s beautiful just about everywhere you point your camera, especially if there are puffins in the frame!

  3. The puffin photos are the best in my opinion, you have a real talent for close up composition. Congratulations on the exhibit! The set looks great together.

    1. Thanks so much. We really appreciate the feedback. Wildlife photography is definitely my favorite–Matt had to force me to stop taking photos of the puffins since we nearly had 24 hours of daylight when we there!

  4. My favorite is the photo of the puffin with the beak full of fish. It is very cute. I also really like the blue glacier. It reminds me of the Picasso statue that is in downtown Chicago. Congrats!

    1. Thank you. Iceland is a marvelous place to visit–particularly for photographers who love to hike. And you would probably enjoy the super low population density after living in Hong Kong. Do whatever you can to get there!

  5. I was your mom’s neighbor in Bay Village. She showed these to me. You certainly have the artist’s eye for composition and color. I liked the 4 puffins – their beaks in a slant and then the little bit of their feet. Hope to see some moose (meese?).

    1. Thank you for stopping by, taking a look at our photos and posting such a nice comment. We really appreciate it. We would have loved to see moose, too, but we would have to go to Sweden for that. Unfortunately, there aren’t any in Iceland, but the adorable puffins certainly make up for it!

  6. Terrific! All the way around. It’s very exciting to go through your post and see where you’ve been. Not to mention to awe at the incredible photos you have as well!

    1. Thank you for taking a look around our blog. We really appreciate it and are delighted that you found things you like. We were impressed with your blog as well and look forward to seeing your future posts!

  7. WOW! Amazing photos!
    I guess one of the pros of travelling to Iceland in the summer is being able to take this kind of photos! Now, you should go in the winter 🙂
    If i had to choose, i’d choose the Jokulsarlon pictures (i hope i spelled it correctly) because when i was there it was all dark, blue and foggy so seeing the real deal is great!

    1. Thanks so much! We would love to visit Iceland in the winter. Seeing and photographing the Northern Lights is definitely on our wish list, and Iceland is a great place to see them. You’ll have to schedule a return trip to Jokulsarlon to see it in all of its glory. Thanks for visiting!

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