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Colorado Trail, Day 7: Georgia (Pass) on My Mind

It is dark in our little riverside forest camp when the warm goes off at 5. It is tempting to play possum, but neither of us has been sleeping very well so far, so it is better to go ahead and get moving. We have a big climb today up and over Georgia Pass at 11,874 feet. It is supposed to be our very best view on the Colorado Trail so far, and, with the afternoon thunderstorms that we have been having the past few days, we want to make sure that we get up and over the pass well before noon. (more…)

Colorado Trail, Day 6: Trail Angels

Today is an exciting day for us! We have come to our first resupply, and our new friends, Margaret and Larry, whom we only met 6 days ago for the first time, are meeting us at Kenosha Pass to pass on some much-anticipated goodies and join us on the trail for a short bit. So we are up and at ‘em early once again. (more…)

Colorado Trail, Day 4: 1776…Colorado Trail…


Knowing once again that we have an ambitious day ahead (we are hoping to tackle 14 + miles and there’s some serious uphill involved), we wake up at 4:15 and start the usual process rolling. It’s the Fourth of July today and we are hiking on the 1776, aka the Colorado Trail. So naturally we’ve got tunes from Hamilton on the brain! What time is it? Showtime! (more…)

Colorado Trail, Day 3: Getting into the Groove


The alarm goes off at 5 this morning, but we don’t start moving until 5:20. We went to bed early enough last night, but it has been difficult to fall asleep these past two nights. It is still quite warm when we go to bed. Getting into the sleeping bags is too hot, but it’s not so easy to fall asleep without any covers. It is a definite adjustment coming from Iceland where we cocooned in our sleeping bags for warmth. I am sure that we will adjust soon, but, in the meantime, we toss and turn. (more…)

Colorado Trail, Day 2: Feel the Burn!


Knowing that today’s stretch of trail is known to lack shade and that temperatures are expected in the high 90s, we wake up at 4:15 a.m. and begin the task of packing up and taking down the tent, making coffee, recovering the bear bags that we hung from a tree limb the night before, and then, as I like to say, putting Humpty Dumpty (aka our backpacks) back together again. It really is remarkable how much we are able to fit into those portable sacks! (more…)

Colorado Trail, Day 1: We Are Doing It!


The big day has finally arrived! After months of planning, preparing and training, and after hours of shopping, repackaging, staging and mailing our resupplies, it’s final time to start hiking. We have whittled down our lives to what fits in a roughly 40 pound backpack (with 6 days of food and adequate water). It’s time to live the simple life, so to speak, and get back to nature. The task for the next 42 days will be simply to walk, observe, photograph, write…and walk some more. (more…)